Diane Tressa Bail Bonds

She'll put your feet back on the street!

Bail Bond Service for Individuals

24/7 Availability

You don't need to wait for regular business hours to begin the process of helping your loved ones. Call Diane Tressa any time, day or night, to begin the important process of reclaiming your life. Make your first call to Diane, and rest assured it's the only one you'll need. She can act as a messenger to loved ones, gathering the information you need and alerting your family to the situation at hand.

Diane is an active participant in your case, checking in with each client every week to review your case details and verify the important information from start to finish.

Nationwide Service

Because Diane Tressa is licensed to work nationwide, you can call her for help with the bail process from any jail in any court in the country. Whether you are from this area or not, whether you are arrested in Pennsylvania or beyond, she is available to provide the same hands-on and compassionate service throughout your case.

Inmate Location

Have you ever tried to navigate the inmate location services available on the internet? These sites are confusing, filled with legal jargon, and very difficult to use. Diane Tressa can help you locate your loved one. She can also find out the details of his or her case and explain everything to you so you understand exactly what’s going on. No matter what time of day or night, she is here to help you locate your loved one and make the right decisions about your case.

Federal, Appeals, and Immigration Bonds

Diane Tressa serves clients regardless of citizenship or nationality. Trust her experience to help you work through the immigration system with the same compassion and discretion of all her other clients.

If your case should involve the federal court system or an appeals bond, you can feel better knowing Diane Tressa is fully approved and qualified to work with these court systems. After 20 years in this business, she has learned to work with every type of case.

Confidential Transaction

Diane Tressa values professionalism and compassion. The sensitive details of your case will remain confidential, whether you just call her for information or work with her through the entirety of your case.

Call Diane Tressa Bail Bonds at 412-566-1845 today.