Diane Tressa Bail Bonds

She'll put your feet back on the street!

Services for Attorneys

Diane Tressa knows how busy attorneys can get. After all, she's been working with them hand in hand for twenty years. Diane is professional, confidential, responsible, and efficient when it comes to navigating her cases. Why take time away from your case preparation when you could call Diane to gather your information and navigate the agencies and coordinate the court dates? All of her agents are licensed, professional, and reliable and can work with nationwide cases in all jails and courts.

Diane offers the following services for attorneys:

Federal and Appeals Bonds

Diane has experience handling these high-pressure cases with composure. Count on her to coordinate the complicated details of these cases, which place much more restrictions on clients than municipal cases. She will manage all the details and follow through on your Federal and Appeals bonds.

Inmate Location

Diane is skilled at locating inmates nationwide and gathering the details about their cases. She can coordinate all details for you, from verifying detainer amounts to following through with bench warrants. Diane will secure these details for clients and follow through with all the necessary paperwork.

Bail and Court Information

Why linger around the courthouse waiting for arraignment? Diane can follow through with your client's court proceedings and gather the details for you while you continue to work on the case. She can post bond for you or notify you immediately if you need to argue for a reduced amount. Diane can be your liaison with the court system.


Our services don't end at the courthouse. Call on Diane when you need assistance communicating with the jail itself. She can speak with corrections officers or records departments, take collect calls from the clients themselves, and relay crucial information between the client, family members, and attorneys prior to bond being set by the courts. Diane can provide the same follow-through service whether she is dealing with the courthouse or the jails themselves.

24 hour, Flexible Service

Diane is available any time of day or night and able to meet clients in a wide variety of locations. Rather than meet clients exclusively down town, Diane is flexible and can travel to various locations throughout the county.

Call Diane Tressa Bail Bonds at 412-566-1845 today.